Outreach 2016

The Year in Pictures

What a great first year of bringing the Vegan message to the streets of Aberdeen and surrounding area!

  • It started in March-April with the Spring Lamb Flyer distribution – sharing with the public the hidden tragedy behind these iconic creatures’ lives.
  • Then in May, we joined with Aberdeen Earthlings to host Aberdeen’s first ever Earthlings Experience demonstration showing recent undercover footage from British slaughterhouses and farms.
  • We followed this up with a second EE demo in June.
  • In July, in conjunction with Vegans for Animal Rights Aberdeen, we protested Zippos circus’ exploitation of animals with demos in Inverurie, Peterhead and Stonehaven.
  • In September, we assisted “Say No Fur to Aberdeen Fashion” in an anti-fur demonstration.
  • On October 2nd, we hosted a World Day For Farmed Animals demonstration – our biggest demo to date with several new members joining to help us.
  • On Halloween, we showed the public what real horror looks like with a third Earthlings Experience demo.
  • In early November, we answered a request for help from the Humane League with a protest against caged-cruelty at Farmfoods.
  • Finally, at the end of November, we launched our Christmas Outreach Stand setting up for 3 weekends before Christmas with the message that going Vegan saves people, animals, and the planet!
Galleries - (click on a pic to enlarge)
Earthlings Experience DemosZippos Circus DemosSay No FurWorld Day for Farmed Animals DemoHalloween EE DemoFarmfoods DemoChristmas Outreach Stand